Focused Rise for Hyperloop Competition Winner , Oluwatobi Oyinlola

Oluwatobi Oyinlola

Oluwatobi Oyinlola is an international embedded systems engineer, inventor, IoT evangelist, and technology speaker with an extensive experience in embedded systems design, IoT, robotics and firmware engineering who presently lives in Nigeria.

He is a dynamic personality who is passionate about building a young technology driven generation.

Recently he has been working in the avionics sector with rLoop Incorporated , a company sharing the dream of realizing the fifth mode of transportation initiated by Elon Musk, called the ‘Hyperloop’ and Oluwatobi has been applying some of his experience in robotics and electronics systems to this project.

Hyperloop is an alternative to short distance air travel, where the transportation system will be much faster than the rail networks and much cleaner than air travel.

It all started in 2013 when Elon Musk released a white paper proposing the Hyperloop as the fifth mode of transportation. By launching a sealed pods inside a vacuum tube, Elon claimed it would be possible to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco within 30 minutes at a top speed of 760 mph.

Then in June 2015, Elon’s company SpaceX announced that they would sponsor a Hyperloop pod design competition, primarily aimed at university students but open to anyone with an interest in developing Hyperloop technology.

Oluwatobi saw SpaceX’s offer as a huge opportunity to bring innovation through international collaboration to Africa and he began researching more about the competition and eventually discovering a post on Reddit requesting for a Hyperloop team and with much excitement he applied and thankfully he was selected shortly thereafter.

His team made up of active contributors from Nigeria, America, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and a few more countries was focused on creating a scalable Hyperloop design through active magnetic levitation

They made use of collaboration tools such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Google Docs and a few others but now they are in the process of setting up a project on Wevolver so that his team can benefit from a more robust hardware version control.

In January 2017, Oluwatobi and his 60 strong member team presented their work which required them to develop a physical prototype of the pod during the design weekend at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne in the presence of Elon Musk . This project took them 6 months to build.

His team was selected for the grand finale of the competition not just for their prototype designs but also because of their ability to effectively coordinate so many team members around the world. Eventually Oluwatobi’s team came out tops at the final competition and won the “Pod Innovation” award and “Best Non Student” award.

Following the success of the competition, they launched an Indiegogo campaign, which raised over $60,000. They have now built two prototypes completely self-funded, which have been manufactured by their assembly team, guided by remote designers.

“Due to the number of contributors involved in the project, we are also considering moving to block-chain technology to coordinate the community. The block-chain presents an entirely new and disruptive way of doing business, enabling organisations to build decentralized networks without the middlemen and gatekeepers of yesterday. The rLoop team is convinced that this new model represents the future of work and that it will change the world forever.” says Oluwatobi.

As a worthy ambassador not only of Nigeria but of the African continent, Intel Awarded Oluwatobi as “Intel Software Innovator” representing Africa in various spotlights of innovative competitions.

A passionate member of IoT Europe, Oluwatobi represented Africa on World IoT day explaining how he uses IoT to solve some critical African Challenges.

Oluwatobi also represented Africa in a competition organized by Hackaday in San Francisco USA where he built a Lightning Sensor which automatically check for Thunder strike and can be logged remotely.

Oluwatobi Oyinlola is on a focused rise as an accomplished embedded systems engineer, technical lead embedded engineer in research and development of smart systems including smart cities, smart home, smart agriculture and many more.

Source: The Unknown Nigeria

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