Mining Your Acres of Diamonds

Mining Your Acres of Diamonds

This is to say that wealth is an inside job we must do on ourselves first, before it manifests on the outside.
In considering the likelihood of creating the wealth of your definition, one of the most important points to keep in mind is the wisdom that your wealth is in how you think.

Mining Your Acres of Gold

We can neither hold on to time nor can it be recaptured. Like an arrow shot from a bow, time flies away, never to return.
Do you know that your thoughts can lend you the wings with which to fly, or cap the ones you have, so you never get to take off?
People who are habitually in the business of burning bridges, squander the most important wealth of all; the wealth of goodwill.
Here, the fruits of a disingenuous enterprise leave a dull taste in the mouth, ultimately bringing only as much satisfaction as “a giant robe upon a dwarfish thief”. Such a robe eventually proves to be a drag, one that steals our inner wealth of peace and essential joy.

What shall it benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
Just as there aren’t enough drugs out there to give an addict enough self-esteem to last a full day, there isn’t enough material wealth anywhere to grant a desperately fearful mind the serenity to feel truly wealthy.
Thoughts have wings and what we think about expand to become one with us.
Where you are now is the right place, the only place to go anywhere from. You can’t do this from where you wish you were.
Remembering that what you think about expands, means that you must think about only the things you wish to expand in your life.
Would you not rather be a joyful creator than wallow in the misery of distressing imaginings?
Dreams don’t cost us money; we only pay for not dreaming, for not aiming high enough. And sometimes we pay very dearly.
What we think is what we are, at least until we think different. So, if your thinking is not creating the reality you want, you have to pull back and think again.

Start Mining Your Acres of Gold
“What we think, we are” is another way of expressing the truth that we are what and all we think about all day long.
It may be as Shakespeare once said, that there is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face, but be sure that unwholesome thoughts leave more wrinkles in the soul than even age leaves on the face.
You can enable your creativity as much from the pulpit as from Wall Street. The key is that you must first think you can, or you can’t.
Put in simple terms, the unaccomplished are usually too wedged into their current circumstances to see distant possibilities. This is being too busy to be wealthy.

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