National Re-orientation of our Core Values

National Re-orientation of our Core Values

The Sex for Grades saga has been a Common narrative for years!! It happens all around us, not only in the Academia….in fact, it’s becoming endemic!!

Look all around us; moral decadence, indiscipline, lack of Integrity and  Values pervade the air….of Course that’s the Air we breathe in!

Most of our girls are being taken for a ride, taken as sheer Victims. See the same recklessness even in our Primary and secondary schools – where youth corpers are posted to teach, and some of the male Corpers are sleeping with our young female pupils….in order to pass.

Similar occurrence you will find between “Daddy at home & female house girl”, Chief Executives of firms sleeping with young unemployed graduates desperately looking for employment… No money, no food to eat, nothing for mere transportation to commute here and there…..and suddenly a CEO of the firm you applied to starts toasting you…..dangle a bait at you  saying I will make you step up!

Like your pairs you see around driving exotic cars to work & living large….don’t you want to live large too?….let me give u a proper harmless Massage!!….the silly old man has lost Conscience, he is in Power – ready to wield it on his prey like a predator! Before one could say Jack…he has abused the innocent and sometimes naive girl….possibly younger than his ‘protected daughter’!

But sooner than later, Nemesis often catches up on them…..Even our Clergies and Spiritual leaders aren’t left out. You see renowned Pastors/ Priests lay their parishioners secretly without remorse!!! A male  Pastor may be dating several ladies in Church – without bursting the bubble!

Again….I say there are two sides to a coin. Have we asked ourselves how do we dress to Church on Sundays…..dress to kill, as if going to compete with other Parishioners??… you catch the attention of the Pastor or Priest….with your mini dress or skirt or a blouse that shows your entire cleavage?? No more moral values!!

…..Where did we miss it as a People? In all these narratives – the recurring decimals are interwoven….namely misuse of high social status, money, desperacy for employment by our youths, misuse of power, no moral values and lack of   adequate punishment or repercussion on the offenders.How do we start correcting these defects in our Society??? 

The answer isn’t far-fetched….A Clarion Call for NATIONAL RE- ORIENTATION OF OUR CORE – VALUES!!! Charity begin at home! Starting from the home front…..what are we teaching our Children? What examples are we laying? Would we qualify as role models to them? Who are the friends they are keeping? This re- orientation must start Now!

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