More Than A Promise Ahead

More Than A Promise Ahead

Towards A Greater Nigeria – TAGNigeria

Some decisions could seem so right and be so wrong. And some actions can be the most predictable and yet the least effective.
Towards a Greater Nigeria
We must aim to finish well when we set out on any endeavor, and keep this in view every single step along the way.
You are part of the big picture. Indeed, you are one good reason there is a big picture. You are in the vision of the creator every minute of your life.

Towards A Greater Nigeria

Help is always around the corner. But to get help you must take the lead and begin to scoop off as much helping as you desire from life.
And how we affect others is how we affect life, no more, no less.
You help yourself and all of the world each time you stop and weigh the choices open to you and then proceed to choose wisely. This is enlightenment.
Today is the day to open up your creativity and let your own river begin to flow.

Towards a Greater Nigeria
Donga River, Taraba – Nigeria

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